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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wish Us Luck / Good Luck To Everyone We Come In Contact With

It's a travel day for us.  A has another of his never-ending colds.  The last time we flew to Texas for Thanksgiving with a sick kid we took everyone down with us.  EVERYONE.  My 90 year old grandfather, the pilot of our plane... It was quite a long list.  I know, you hate people like us.  So say a little prayer and a hail mary and whatever else you've got.  And in the meantime, let's all have a nice little look back on Flu Dominoes while all your fingers are crossed.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Famous Friday

No Five on Friday today.  Instead I'll share this highly embarrassing video with you.  It's the bit that WGN did when we ate at that underground restaurant I talked about recently.  Don't mind the wine teeth.

We were gonna do bottle boot camp with the little one this weekend but he was on to us and went and got himself another cold so those plans are on hold until next weekend.  In the meantime, any advice on turning babies onto a bottle is appreciated.  And I don't need the advice you can google.  I need the magic trick no one knows about.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


My father-in-law used to own a hugely successful ladder supply store, back when businesses in Detroit were booming.  He has since retired but recently got back into the ladder game when he started moonlighting as a ladder salesman at Costco.  Now let me tell you something.  We knew he would do well but he managed to win salesman of the month after only three outings.  Since he's the big man on campus, he now basically tells the Little Giant ladder people where he'll be selling next.  Last weekend brought him to Chicago.  We went out to visit him and when we approached, the man had a crowd around him.  Ladders were flying off the shelves.  We were quite impressed.  But I think the person who was most proud was this little guy...

As he walked up to Grandpa's station, he got the biggest smile on his face.  He does this thing where, when he's really happy and can't wipe the smile off his face, he tries to push his cheeks back in (because "I'm so happy it hurts").  That was happening.  Once he calmed down, he found a front row seat to watch Grandpa in action.

I am not lying when I saw we couldn't tear him away.  He sat there for over an hour just watching.  At one point he thought Grandpa needed his help and walked over and started telling people, "This is a great ladder!  See how tall it is?".  At the end of the weekend, he told his new hero, "Grandpa, why do you live in Michigan when I love you so much?".  Now that I think about it, perhaps Santa should bring him a ladder for Christmas.  Is that a weird children's gift?  

Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday 11/14/14


Big news around here.  M proclaimed he no longer hates stickers.  He found these address stickers we used temporarily when we first moved in and he turned it into what he called "address art".  So there you have it.  Hopefully the next time a nurse or haircutter (haircutter?) tries to give him a sticker he doesn't scream at them.

Love this.

I'm working on getting A a cameo in the upcoming Big Eyes movie.

Our closest grocery store, Marianos, has those little toddler grocery carts for kids to push around.  They are the absolute worst.  It makes your trip to the grocery store about five times as long due to complete grocery cart nonsensery.  I finally found a way around it since M says he likes this situation better.

The problem is that I only have that little basket on the back for groceries (although that little basket does include a cup holder for your in-store glass of wine or beer so... priorities).

Windows are fixed, M got a great report at our parent-teacher conference at school, and A has started waking up at night again.  Our little week in a nutshell.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


We're at Tuesday now and I'm still exhausted from the weekend.  I think that counts as a success?  It's not the weekend's fault that I'm getting old.  Four (and a half!) of our favorites came in town for a tailgate, a football game, and a baby shower.  I'm fairly certain that their plane tickets were purchased before the Michigan football season started when hopes were much higher.  The upside is that scalped tickets were very easily procured at a reasonable price (free) so the hubs decided it was time to take M to his first football game.

But first, the tailgate.  

Junior tailgaters

Aside from the fact that it will go down as one of the most boring football games in history, it was a success.  Michigan won and the boys had a great time.

That night it was hours of Cards of Humanity and cocktails.  It makes my heart so happy to have a house full of people and laughter.  Put it on a Hallmark card or whatever, but it's true.  It's why I love this house.

Sunday morning we threw a couple's baby shower that I didn't take a single picture of.  The food was delicious, the company was great, and we are all thrilled that we'll soon be welcoming the first baby girl into our growing group of boys!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Five on Friday 11/7


Underground Dinner for the Hubs birthday
 Our favorite restaurant in the city, Terragusto, closed down a few years ago and we were slightly devastated.  But now they are back in the most fun way.  They do these secret underground dinners.  You sign up and pay in advance and they text you the location the day of (it changes for each dinner).  We show up with our wine (it's byob) and there's a room set up with a big harvest table.  There's also WGN.
They interviewed both of us for a piece they were doing on the "hot trend of underground dining" and we were both like... uhhhh, we don't leave the house much these days but we like pasta.  So I'm sure we'll be overnight stars.  Eight course dinner was scrumptious and included several of our favorites from the original restaurant (truffle bolognese!  brown butter pope's hats!).  Gotta figure out how I'm going to top the hubs' birthday present next year.  

Walking to the park from school he announces, "I love walking in the fall!"  Then he destroyed someone's leaf pile.  Then we ran away.

I'm not kidding when I say A spends 95% of his time just sitting around waiting for M to give him some attention.

He glances in A's direction.


I got shot down when I tried to put on Christmas music, however Revolution Fistmas Ale and Shiner Cheer have made their way into the house which we agree is perfectly acceptable.

So excited to have a full house of friends this weekend!!!  Best part of having this house is being able to host all of the out of towners.  Too bad for them they are all going to the Michigan game this weekend.  Although the upside to Michigan being terrible is that the hubs is going to try and buy cheap seats and take M along with him.  We'll see how that goes.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Recap

Once again, it was a beautiful Halloween.  We were thrilled to experience winds up to 70 mph, rain, hail, sleet, and snow.  Like last year (when it was cold and rainy, but nothing like this year), we had to sit around waiting for the weather to clear up and make a run for it.  This time around M got to the end of the block and decided to call it.  It worked out for the best anyway because his favorite part of Halloween was giving out candy.  Every time the doorbell rang he'd sprint to the door, pass out candy, then discuss with me how our candy stockpile was holding up.  A had to stay home with me as he is now on week five of having a cold and the past few days have been his worst.  Doctor friends: five weeks of having a cold?  Does this seem normal?  Please feel free to internet-diagnose so I don't have to drag him back to the doctor and be told to go home and turn on his humidifier.  So here it is, our rainy, sleety, snowy, windy, haily Halloween...

The props

My sister was in town and she did a crazy good job piecing her costume together at Goodwill and some DIY on her hat and my Votes for Women sash (which, sadly, had to be abandoned... but to be honest I didn't really have much of a costume to go with it since I always assumed I'd be stuck at home with a sick penguin).  So here they are- Mary Poppins, Bert, and the penguin waiter.

 I'm quite happy with how the one man band costume turned out.

Brave souls going out into the cold.  The hubs dusted off his Paul Bunyan costume (but sadly couldn't find his giant boots).

And finally, M's favorite part of Halloween:
A couple notes on this video.  First, when I said, "What do you say?" I'm not trying to make sure the visitors say thank you.  I'm trying to remind the kids to say "Happy Halloween".  Also, that is his neighbor/friend that he begrudgingly shared candy detail with that night.  At this point, all the tantrums over sharing were over and they were taking turns pretty well.

After this round of trick or treaters, he talked the rest of the night about "the ladies who took all his candy".