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Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday: Baby Edition (Also: Major Photo Dump)


In case you hadn't figured it out by the radio silence, we went and birthed ourselves a baby.  Meet Atticus:

He ain't small.  He clocked in at 9 pounds, 5 ounces, 21 inches.  But he still looks teeny tiny to me.

The kiddo loves him.  He's so sweet and gentle with him.

He was also a fan of the buttons on the hospital bed:

Here he is getting the call from me, telling him he has a new baby brother.

I'm not sure whether he's laughing because he's happy or because Nana has a flip phone.

I have mastitis and have to pump constantly until I'm rid of it.  It is the worst.
Not impressed.

So here's our little family of four.  I'll be taking a short break from the blog to enjoy getting to know this little guy and get used to being a mom to "kids".  Plural.  Weird.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Today's The Day!

Today we find out if I put up the correct room decor...

Or if I'll be spending some time changing it all up...

After his nap yesterday, I told the kiddo that the baby was going to come tomorrow.  His response?  He rolled his back to me.  And farted.

Last night we asked him to spell "baby".  He didn't feel like it so my mom asked him if it started with the letter X.  His response?  "No it doesn't, you are wasting my time."

I'm off to spend the day eating ice chips and popsicles. See you on the flip.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday: A Hodgepodge


I'm pretty sure that there is always one male character in every Lifetime movie whose job is "Regional Manager of Distribution".  I'm not making a joke, just helping out anyone new to the channel to avoid confusion.  

Who wants to buy this adorable house and win a free pair of fun neighbors??
4443 N Winchester Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

Only a few steps away from our home, this house comes with a porch perfect for sittin' and drinkin'.  Come on fun friends!  Put in an offer!  The first bottle of wine is on us!

Good Lord am I pregnant. 

The kiddo demonstrating a new way to drink water.

Backyard ready for summer.  Just add booze (and also, three tiles for the table.  Anyone holding?).

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Flashback to 11 Days To Go

So the last time we found ourselves with 11 days to go, we were bracing for "a snow storm of historic proportions".  Luckily, this time around (8 days and counting) we don't have to worry about where we'll be renting a toboggan from. The only thing that could stop us from a timely hospital appearance will be delivering on a game day since Wrigley Field is smack in between us and the doc.  

I'm considering putting Ronnie Woo Woo on speed dial so he can get me there on his bike.  If anyone knows his way around on game day, it's him. 

Plus, we have a history.  Ronnie Woo Woo helped me break into my apartment once when my key got stuck in the lock.  He didn't say anything but saw me struggling, got off his bike, kicked in the gate, got back on his bike and rode off shouting "Woo Woo!".  So we go way back.

Just like him and Oprah.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Just Call Me Dianne

There's this playspace that I take the kiddo to sometimes.  They have this big tube contraption where you put balls in a hole and they are blown through the tubes, then spit out at the end.  The other day I took him there and sat down on the floor.  Pretty soon I found out that I was in the perfect spot to be on the receiving end of every single ball that got spit out.  It is so sad to admit that my Large Marge status and general lazy/tiredness won out and I just sat there.  Getting hit with ball after ball.

I was basically Dianne in a dodgeball tournament at Fat Camp.  Although watching this, I have to admit she moved more than I did.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Grashley Hitchin'

Two favorites are getting married today.

One of them doesn't even mind if your baby poops on their nice clothes.

I've gotta sit this one out since they generally don't like ladies birthin' babies on planes.  And I'm heartbroken about it.  Thankfully my friends are live- blogging it for me.  But even if I'm not there to participate in double decker dancing at the reception...

...I'll be... um... double decker dancing in my heart?  Yes, good.  Put that in a Hallmark card and watch it fly off the shelves.

Love you guys.