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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmastime At The Casa

While the temperature continues to drop, we have to look for new things to make us happy.  As in, happy "indoor only" activities.  Luckily, it's time to decorate for Christmas!  As soon as we wrap up our yearly "real vs. fake tree" debate (I, ahem, always win), it's off to our local grocery store to pick up a tree (only a few blocks, but less convenient than when I lived in New York and just had to walk downstairs, open my door, point to one on the corner, and back upstairs me and Mister Tree Man went).  This is always followed with our (also annual) trip to Walgreens to replace most of the lights that no longer work.  We then proceed to cover our house with as much Christmas stuff as we can, preferably while drinking hot cider or wine.

Next, we set our dvr to record every single Christmas movie, special, or tv show that we can find.  These will take the place of our regularly scheduled programming (so long Dexter!  Until next year Modern Family!).  Finally, we spend the next few weeks sitting by the fire, wrapping presents, and counting down the days until Christmas (which, now that we are married, is a two-parter; more on that another day). 

Our (Real) Christmas Tree

One of my favorite ornaments

Gift card holding mitten that I use as an ornament

New ornament alert!  We got this guy in Italy.

Place settings (that never get used)

New decoration alert!  I love our cute little helper elves.

You can't tell but I framed a cute Italian Christmas
card that we got in Italy (2 kids riding a pig in the snow).

They decorated on our street, too.



  1. those are some awesome christmas stockings you have there. whereever did you get them?

  2. The elf candle holders are so cute. How cool to have memories from Italy!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks! Now that I've seen all the other fantastic mantles I need to really step it up this year. :)