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Friday, December 4, 2009

Our New Blog

Welcome to our blog.  It is a nice blog.  You probably agree.  Why do we have a blog, you might ask?  Well for now, it's partly made as a distraction from work and partly because the other day my husband said, "You should have a blog."  You'd think he knows everything that goes on in my life, but now he'll be able to take that a step further and have the added bonus of also knowing everything I'm thinking.  Probably not exactly what he wanted.  Another reason is so that our friends and family, who must be just dying to know about the daily minutiae of our lives, can have a way to keep track of us.  While I'm author around here, it'll be about the both of us.  I may be the one with all the free time, but he is the one with all the jokes.  In the meantime, grab yourself a dried out beef stick* and enjoy!

*Not to be confused with beef jerky.  I am not a beef jerky fan.  I am, however, quite a fan of Costco beef sticks, but only after put in a paper bag for several weeks to soak up all the grease and dry them out. Must be enjoyed with a beer, preferably a non-lite beer, because really- you're already eating a stick made of beef and fat. 


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