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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Southern Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn't my favorite of holidays.  I can do without turkey, I don't like sweet potatoes, not a fan of cranberries, and I'm very specific about my stuffing.  Mostly, I look at it as the day before the big game and the marker we have to get past in order to make it ok to decorate for Christmas.  This year, things have changed.  The Texas-Texas A&M game is now played on Thanksgiving, giving me an excuse to stay in and eat leftovers all day.  Leftovers that I want to eat because we headed down south to Louisiana this year and were treated to my Aunt Diane's fantastic cooking (which includes stuffing just the way I like it) and my Uncle Scott's grilling.  Then we headed to Austin, which never disappoints.  While there, we even did a few things I've never done.  We went to the Chuy's Christmas Parade downtown, which unfortunately had no free Chuy's food.  We also went to the Alamo Drafthouse Theater (which Michael had never been to, and loved) and saw the "Master Pancake Christmas Show", which basically was 3 improv guys watching clips of Christmas shows and making fun of them.  Maybe not for everyone, but this was right up my alley.  I also had forgotten how damn friendly everyone is in Texas.  I'm no longer used to walking down the street and people just saying "hello".  Without further adieu, here are my reasons why I love Thanksgiving once again, in pictures:

Uncle Scott's appetizers: Duck wrapped in bacon with jalepeno strips and cream cheese.

Insane amounts of pies

Spending rare time with cousins

Betsy is pregnant!

Post- dinner football


Because we didn't have enough to eat on Thanksgiving.
Michael doesn't understand people who live in Austin that don't eat at The Salt Lick everyday.

Live music at Gueros, near the outdoor fireplace

Bevo, and of course, this!

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