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Friday, December 4, 2009

Warm up.

Homely Cow, said the whig to the parrow. And why wouldn't he, it is gooberish enough. In any event, it certainly is what it is, and that is what is going on, it being that which it is and all. Sorry if you aren't enjoying it, but you have to admit, you didn't join for the purpose of enjoyment. At least not the only purpose, since it was an all-purpose proposal. Whoever. On to brighter postures, and greener landscapes. Landscapes so green your eyes will melt into cheese puffs. Whose cheese puffs, when the Browch's cheese puffs, thats who. And believe you me, you, the Browch loves that stuff more than you do. So probably its best to leave it all alone at this stage, and Chack it too me Barrabbie.

Ok. This was just my warm up post to get the creative juices flowing. I learned it in trade school, for the trade of creative writing.


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