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Friday, January 8, 2010

Heartbreak in Pasadena

I have been on the verge of tears twice over the outcome (or pending outcome) of a football game.  The first time was in 2008 when Texas Tech scored a game winning touchdown at, literally, the last second of the game, dashing all hopes of a title game for us.  The second time was this past December, in the Big 12 Championship game, we played Nebraska and came so close to losing that Nebraska stormed the field.  We were given one second back on the clock, Hunter Lawrence kicked a field goal to win the game, and the Longhorns were off to the national championship game. 

That Tech game was the reason Colt McCoy came back for one more year at Texas, so he could win the national championship.  So there we were last night; McCoy, the winningest quarterback in NCAA history playing with the number 2 team in the country.  Vince Young standing on the sidelines with visions of 2005 in his head.  Colt was ready, the Longhorns were ready.  And then, only minutes into the game, Colt was hit.  He left the game, never to return.  He finished the game calling plays, encouraging our freshman quarterback who must have been scared out of his mind.  But it was not to be.  I am sad for our team and I am heartbroken for Colt. 

I know that I am supposed to move on and look to the future.  I'm supposed to imagine Colt playing in a championship game one day, just on a different stage.  I'm supposed to consider the experience our freshman quarterback, Garrett Gilbert, gained from playing in this game.  Maybe even refocus my Longhorn attention towards our #2 basketball team this year.  But today I can only think about the disappointment for myself and for every Longhorn, both player and fan.  I can't help it.  I love my team, I love Texas.  Until next year, Mack Brown.
Hook 'em.


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