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Friday, January 29, 2010

Jack Goes Boring

Last night Michael and I went to the Music Box for this new program that the Sundance Film Festival tried out this year, Sundance USA.  Corny title aside, it's a great idea, where on one night in 8 cities across the country, they screen a movie from Sundance and also fly the filmmakers out to discuss it in a Q&A that follows the film, which is what they do at Sundance. 

The film they sent to Chicago was "Jack Goes Boating", which they sent along with Philip Seymour Hoffman for the Q&A.  Well A+ for effort, Bob, but maybe next year we can get something a little more exciting?  Jeez Louise there was a lot of downtime in this movie.  I'd say there was about 14 minutes worth of those close-up feel the moment on their face with no dialog shots, although Michael would probably argue there was about 84 minutes worth of it. 

Don't get me wrong, as far as Sundance is concerned, I've seen way worse.  Even walked out of a few screenings.  Possibly the worst thing I ever saw at Sundance, yet stayed until the end, was a movie so bad that when they turned up the lights, half the audience was gone and the first thing the director said was "I'm sorry".  Second place goes to some movie that I honestly could not follow and at the Q&A people were asking questions to try and figure out what we had just watched, to which the director finally replied, "Well I don't make movies for stupid people!" and walked off stage. Yes, you are so much smarter than the rest of us.  But as much as I complain, going to Sundance is one of my favorite things ever and I long for the days where I could spend days on end doing nothing but watching and talking about movies and turning my nose up at people who actually spent time skiing or staying up late drinking ("but we have to be up at 7am for the next screening!!!").   So I guess that if I'm no longer willing to do the traveling, I'll just take what I can get and stop the bitching. 


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  1. Too bad they are canceling Sundance next year. Sad for you. Smiles!