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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kelly's Wedding

I recently put on my big girl pants and coordinated my first freelance wedding. It was lots of fun but also really stressful since it was all on me. I love planning weddings but sometimes it's like, this is the biggest day of her life and I'm in charge! Yikes! The nice thing is that if I do my job right, barring any emergencies, I can pretty much sit back and watch the reception that I planned fall right into place. However, sometimes emergencies do happen, like at this one when the groom's grandfather passed out from a diabetes-related situation. After the Chicago Fire Department rushed in to take him away (only moments before we introduced the couple for the first time) and my heart finally slowed to a normal pace, everything calmed down and went smoothly from there on. I guess we gave the guests a good show. I didn't get a ton of good pictures since I was busy getting everything ready, so here's all I've got to share...

Welcome bags I put together

For the rehearsal dinner, we decorated the tables in fake snow and other wintery things.  All of the tables had different candle holders that were spray painted white.

Head table

Bridal cake (it's off center because we had a groom's (cup)cake display on one side).

The band they hired was from L.A. and was kind of awesome. 
The keyboard player had semi-big roles in Super Troopers and Beerfest so all the (tipsy) ladies were getting pictures with him at the end of the night.

It was a beautiful night and Billy & Kelly were so great to work with. 

And as a side note, at work we are doing a tasting for Oprah today.  Since the kitchen made enough for us to have for lunch today, I'm basically having lunch with Oprah.


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