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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oprah Loves Us!

The tasting went great yesterday and Oprah loved everything.  Today was the taping of the show so our chefs went back to make the food for the audience.  While they were waiting, O comes down in her hair rollers, said she loved our food, and asked for more of the crostini we'd made her the day before so, obvs, a plate was made.  She said she's been doing vegan since January 1st and then asked for more of the cookies we made as well.  So now I'm just wondering when she wants to hang out.



  1. were alicia silverstone's recipes? and why do they make it so annoying to post comments. i can never figure out the passwords they put on this thing?!

  2. Yes'm. Maybe I can take the passwords off? I'm on it.