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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Courtney's Winter Wonderland

Courtney R. sent me the below photo this morning on her daily commute to work. I might lessen the winter bitching if this were a part of my day. It was taken at the Mall in Central Park (kind of in between Bethesda Fountain and Wollman Rink) and it makes winter seem so much less dreary, no?

Central Park is one of my favorite things. It's where Michael and I spent a lot of time when we were dating, where Eric taught me how to make a real-deal snowman (who knew the real way to do this was to roll around a ball of snow like in the cartoons?), and where we somehow got into the Dave Matthews concert even though we didn't have tickets and the line was the length of the park.  It's where me and my friends would spend every summer afternoon playing softball with the cast and crew of "Ed" and "The Sopranos", and where me and the Linenberg's spent many an afternoon at the Met (well, mostly on the steps of the Met, eating hot dogs and getting freaked out by the Met mime), and where all four of us spent my last night in New York. I feel like I should wax poetic about how magical it is and all it has to offer, but I'm still feeling under the weather so go watch "A Troll In Central Park" or something.


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