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Monday, February 1, 2010

Holy Krapp That Sucked

On Saturday night, Michael and I went to a play at the Goodman.  It was a double bill of 2 short plays, both starring Brian Dennehy: "Hughie" by Eugene O'Neill and "Krapp's Last Tape" by Samuel Beckett.  "Hughie" was tolerable.  "Krapp", not so much.  First of all, "Krapp" opens with Big Tom Callahan sitting at a desk and staring at us for about 6 minutes.  He then eats 2 bananas.  It goes downhill from there.   The rest of the play is Krapp listening to tapes of himself talking - about God knows what.  Occasionally Krapp gets up,  does some grunting, and goes off stage to pour himself a stiff one and to take a leak. 

About halfway through this hour-long "absurdist piece" (give me a freaking break) I realize it is not going to get any better and that I am completely trapped since we are seated dead center (and it's not like the big galoot can make an inconspicuous exit).  Then I start to get really hot, my shoes start to feel tight, Michael starts encroaching on my personal space, and I become so thirsty that I actually consider asking the lady in front of me for a sip of her water. 

Oh, Krapp.

You might see a pattern starting to emerge of us trying to be more cultured only to end up being bored.  To put into perspective how bad "Krapp's Last Tape" was, it made "Jack Goes Boating" seem like the motherfucking "Titanic".



  1. I cant wait to see what wacky cultural antics you two get into next... something highbrow would be nice... perhaps the opera or a modern dance recital - Tom

  2. Isn't that the dad from Tommy Boy? He looks like Andy Rooney.

  3. Yes, hence the "Big Tom Callahan" reference. Duh.