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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Midnight Train to Ann Arbor

Last night we took the train from Chicago to Ann Arbor.  For those of you that have never taken a train (I hadn't until I moved north), let's be clear on what we're talking about here.  I used to have such romantic visions of taking trains.  Meeting nice people and having long conversations, sitting in private luxury cars, having a really nice dinner over a bottle of wine.  Well, that last part is true, if you count tall boys and pizza Combos.  Other than that, it's pretty much like taking the subway for 4 hours.  The hooligans are the same- guy in neon green XBox pants, grown men who won't switch seats with you so you can sit by your husband, and this guy, who took 4 hours to watch the first 10 minutes of "Miller's Crossing", in part because he made about 1,000 of those loud Indian phone calls.


We went high class this time, shunning the tall boys for wine and "Mad Men".  Although it started with Michael buying a martini in a to-go cup.  He asked me if I wanted some of his Big Gulp martini, I stuck my nose in the air in disgust, to which he replied, "Why not?  You would if you were in 9th grade.".  Fair enough.

Another high point was when I realized someone farted.  I notified Michael to which he said "Whoever smelt it, dealt it."  To which I offered the witty retort, "Whoever said the rhyme, did the crime."  Michael looked around at everyone and said, "Well I guess it could only have been the two of us."   

He also informed me that we will be having breakfast at Coney Island, which I think means I have to have a chili dog for breakfast.


  1. So you can buy bottles of wine on the train? And tall boys? Is there another Coney Island in another place other than NYC? I had Cheez-Its for breakfast.

  2. You can buy half bottles. We brought our own, then bought when the well went dry. Not Coney Island the city, Coney Island the diner. I know there's a James Coney Island in Houston- none in SA? It's just that up here, people actually eat at them, unlike in Texas.