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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Snow Day

We got zonked with snow this morning and it looks like it is going to keep up for another couple of days.  Hundreds of flights and schools cancelled, winter storm warning in effect (although, can't we go ahead and remove the word "warning" at this point?).  Let me get sidetracked for a moment here.  I love living in a city with lots of public transportation options- trains, buses, and cabs aplenty.  That's how it is in Chicago and, obviously, that's how it is in New York.  I am constantly comparing the two cities transit options:  
  • Trains from both airports to the city: Chicago +1

  • Convenience factor (more trains in more places): NY +1

  • Number of freaks on trains: Tie
And so on.  But for all of the bonuses we get from living in a city with public transportation, the biggest tragedy is this:  there will never ever be a work snow day.  Your boss will never be worried about you driving into work in bad weather conditions.  Instead you have to schlep yourself to the bus or train with frozen nose hairs, getting your feet soaked (because, I am convinced, there are no weatherproof shoes that are work acceptable), and arrive at work a solid 15 minutes late.  It's unnatural for a Texan to ever have to deal with this. It's like putting a penguin in the Bahamas (or vice versa I guess).  When I first moved to Chicago, people would say to me, "Oh, you lived in New York for 4 years?  No biggie, the winter is the same and you're used to it."  Wrong.  Winter here is nothing like winter in New York.  It lasts longer, it's way more brutal, and the buses and trains are not as close to where you want to be.  
My first winter here, Michael asked me to pick him up from work so we could go run errands or something.  Sure, no problem.  Then I realized there was snow on the car.  Ok, I remember one time there was a frost in Houston and my dad used his credit card to get the ice off the front window, no problem.  I get out my card; strangely enough, that does not work.  I call Michael to ask for a second opinion.  He tells me to look in the trunk for a scraper.  I pull out what I now know is a snow shovel and start trying to get rid of the snow when I realize a small crowd has gathered.  Ok, so this isn't right either.  I call him back, "Michael, this thing seems way too big for the job at hand and people are staring."  I still don't think he believed me that I had no clue about all this.  

For my clueless friends in the south,
this is what I was supposed to use:
And this is what I actually used:

Also, snow blowers are ridiculous. 
And, by the way, how much does this look like Michael's dad?

In conclusion, I believe that work should allow for snow days just as much as schools do. 
Thank you.


  1. That does look like Mike's dad....a lot. I can't belief you didn't know what a scraper looked like. Then again I did make the mistake of trying to use a grill scraper to wipe off snow from a car, yeah, those brushes are made of metal, bad idea.

  2. (r) i laughed at everything in this post. and i probably wouldnt have known the difference between those 2 scrapers. also, you should call mike and ask if he has a side job as a model for snow blowers.

  3. ok, why did M have a snow shovel in his trunk? and the crowd, they were gathered to kill you.