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Monday, February 15, 2010

A Plastic Head For Valentine's Day

Before I get into the whole Valentine's Day thing, I need to get in a sneak preview of what we did on Friday night, because it truly deserves it's own post.  Eight of us went to the Music Box to see "The Room", which is the best bad movie I have ever seen.  I don't want to give away too much here, but I will say that the director/producer/actor/writer was there for a Q&A and the entire thing was like seeing "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" at midnight, only way more rowdy.  Details to come, but go ahead and enjoy the poster in the meantime.
Michael and I have a Valentine's Day tradition of making a "fancy" dinner in the privacy of our own home.  This is so we can avoid the awkwardness of being surrounded by other couples still getting to know each other as well as not having to make dinner reservations months in advance.  We broke this tradition only once, last year, when we decided that not only were we going out, we were going all out.  We got a table at Fondue Stube (and soon wished that there was a Simpsons character named "Fondue Stu", a guy who is all romance and loves eating fondue; probably the brother of Disco Stu) and were not disappointed.  You know that scene in "Sex and the City" where Miranda and Carrie go out to eat on Valentine's Day and there's balloons and streamers everywhere?  Double that and add in couples eating four courses of fondue.

Anyway, we went back to tradition this year and made papparedelle pasta from scratch and pork ragu.  We also experimented with our wine aroma kit, which was pretty fun (CWG, prepare yourselves).  Earlier that day we had breakfast at a sub-par neighborhood breakfast/lunch place  and then headed next door to a thrift shop and almost bought a plastic head since it was 50% off.  It was a hard deal to walk away from.  By the way, our camera is not only broken, but now it is also missing so get used to the soft-focus pictures for awhile.



  1. 1. that dude looks like christoper walken.
    2. i can't comment on anything else b/c apparently you are just using every royalty free picture you can find and it makes me angry.

  2. Yeah I don't know what that means.