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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Randomness

I have one random day off per week and today was the day.  I try to be as productive as possible, cleaning the house, doing laundry, working out, etc.  Today I decided to tackle the office, which has become our dumping ground for things we don't know what to do with.  Here are some items I found:

8 old cell phones.  EIGHT!

3 old cameras.  2 broken and one with pictures dating back to the Gekas's wedding- 4 years maybe?  I might have to get them developed and do a post dedicated to them.  Stay tuned.

I also found 14 computer games that are too old to work on our current computers, about 1,000 batteries, and at least 10 extension cords.  At least I was able to identify, admit, and fix the problem before we ended up on Clean House.  In other news, "Lost" was last night, and in keeping with one of my New Years resolutions, I made my first meal out of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  I'm not going all "Julie & Julia" on you, because while I did make Julia's Filet Mignon with Mushroom and Madeira Sauce, I also threw down a big honkin' stuffed baked potato next to it.  


One of my Christmas gifts from Michael was 20 year old balsamic vinegar which is really thick and sweet.  So for dessert, we had vanilla bean ice cream with balsamic drizzled on top.  It is really tangy and sweet on ice cream, similar to a chocolate sauce, but more tart. 
 And finally, I am finishing up the current book I am reading and it's time to decide which book on my bedside table I'll be tackling next.  Suggestions?



  1. i like all the soft light in these pictures. its like you are an olan mills pro photographer!

  2. I disagree, I do not like the soft lighting. It makes what you are taking pictures of hard to see. I do, however, like the snarky Olan Mills comment.

    1. Is that camera on the top an underwater camera?
    2. That filet looks like sloppy joes.
    3. That's enough ice cream for an elementary school ice cream party. Also, it looks like a bunch of dryer sheets crumpled up.
    4. I think everyone of those books are movies. That's cheating.

  3. It's because I never have my camera handy (you'd think it wouldn't be hard since we apparently own 4) so I take most pics with my phone.

    Crissy, yes, it is an underwater. It might just be 34 pictures of people in a public pool. I really have no idea.

  4. I love that you have a blog! I just deleted all the numbers in my cell phone and donated it to some collection. You should do the same.

  5. Ok, Amber. For 3 days I have been wondering what in the world you were talking about. I thought you meant you donated the numbers in your cell phone and I kept waiting to start receiving sales calls b/c you sold my number or something. Finally figured out what you meant.

  6. Thanks for the motivation, cleaned out our office yesterday, but I didn't find as much interesting stuff, mostly dust bunnies!

    Can I also request that whoever 'I Came to Hate' is please start their own blog, because I really like their comments, good call on the dryer sheet ice cream!!!

  7. Ali, I'm going to go ahead and make your day by telling you that "I Came to Hate" is Crissy and I have her blog link on the right side of my page. She'll be thrilled to get a third follower.

  8. Thank you, Ali. You are my favorite. You're not like all these other whores on here.