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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday Week

Birthdays were not taken lightly in my family growing up.  There was never a play in the backyard and hire a clown birthday party situation.  Every birthday party me and my sister had was a theme party, taken to the extreme.  One of mine in particular had a 50's theme party where everyone had to dress up in poodle skirts, had a hula hoop contest, and had to choreograph a dance to a 50's song.  My mom made a cake that looked just like a record player.  My sister once had a jungle theme where everyone had to come dressed as an animal.  What I remember most from that was that my mom had completely covered the house in hand-made jungle props.  We'd sometimes wake up to find an extravagant scavenger 
hunt had been put together for us to find our presents.  

When one of my best friends in 6th grade discovered that our birthdays were only 2 days apart, we decided that we might as well implement the "birthday week" in which we celebrated our birthdays for 9 days (we had to be sure we hit both weekends).  Mostly all this consisted of was telling each other "happy birthday" every day and convincing our friends they had to say that to us as well.  We held double birthday parties at Fuddruckers, followed by slumber parties.  When we got older, and were better able to understand this double birthday power we had, we started splitting the parties into 2 separate ones, since we realized it helped elongate the birthday week.  Even better, in college two more of our girlfriends had their birthdays the same week as us so there was even more reason to celebrate.

After college, we no longer lived in the same city which made it much harder for me to explain to people, especially to more grown-up people, that I demanded to be wished happy birthday every day of the week, so the tradition finally died.  I'm only reminded of this because today I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my parents; 3 whole days before my actual birthday, and I'm pretty sure they are trying to tell me that I need to get back on top of the whole week-long fiesta.  Maybe not, though.  But what the heck- for old time's sake:

Happy Birthday week Liz, Jane, Beth, and me!

Hiring TOPS for our birthday bash seemed completely appropriate.

 Thanks for the flowers, mom and dad!



  1. we did have the best birthday parties! dont forget you also had a bubble gum blowing contest at your 50's party. that jungle one was probably the best i had. mom went NUTS with the handmade decorations. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK SISTER!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I do love the birthday week. I had about the cutest moment ever when I stood in the stairwell at our house and listened in on Lily Kate told Parks that she was going to wake me up and say "a prise!" for my birthday. Precious. Plus, I got the birthday pkg from Mom today - aren't mom's the best :)

  3. I like that HJ looks like she is trying to read an optometrist's chart. Oh, and I also like that Kim is pointing her crutch at us and I felt the need to make my fingers into a gun.