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Friday, March 12, 2010

Boy-Girl Party

I did not go to one of those elementary schools where boys and girls held hands.  When I got to 6th grade and found out some of my new friends not only had boyfriends in elementary school, but that they kissed them, I was slightly shocked.  It wasn't until my best friend in 5th grade said to me (with about 3 months left in school to go) "I like Brian".  Well, if she liked Brian, then so did I.  That was my very first experience with liking a boy. 

About one month into 6th grade, I got invited to my first boy-girl dance party.  It was in the backyard of someone's house, and the dance floor was the driveway.  I was terribly in love with one boy in particular and, since his sister was throwing the shindig, I knew he'd be there.  I also knew that I wanted to throw up a little because I was terrified.  Not so much of boys at this point, but of the one little word on the invitation:  Dance.  You know that scene in "Can't Buy Me Love" where Ronald Miller practices dancing?  That was me.  Turns out I didn't have that much to be afraid of because when I got to the party, I realized that no one else was going to bare their soul and dance in front of people at the first party of the year.  No one, however, had a problem with slow dancing so that's all anyone did.  Anytime a faster song came on, all of the girls would scatter to one corner of the driveway and all of the boys would head to the food table. 

Cut to 20 years later, we are all still doing our own version of the boy-girl party.  When we get a big group together, as we did last weekend, the girls immediately sit at one end, boys at another, without a second thought.  Obviously we ladies have girly things that need discussing, new accessories to show off, and a pitcher of margaritas that we don't want to share.  Or, as Molly put it, "I just listened in on their conversation and I'm so happy to be on the girl's side."  Sorry, boys.

By the way, that boy I was in love with in 6th grade?  I asked him to dance.  Me, the girl who had never held a boy's hand and barely knew they existed 6 months earlier, asked a boy to dance.  To "Unchained Melody", no less.


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  1. ahh the memories of boy girl dances. i think i was the first to host, with my sister as the resident dj/chaperone. she was 2 grades older. she tucked in my shirt and pulled it out just right for me. the girls side was much cooler- as if Texas would ever join the big 10!