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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New York Trip

Last weekend we went on a quick trip to New York.  We hadn't been since we got engaged so we decided it was time to head back for a weekend.  We stayed with Courtney and Eric at their new apartment, which was super cute.  Friday, I went for drinks with some old co-workers which was lots of fun.  It's always so nice when years pass but things remain easy and comfortable with people.  Then I headed to dinner with Courtney, Michael, and Eric.  We were told it was a 3 hour wait at this place, which is absurd, but nevertheless, we hunkered down and ordered drinks and appetizers while we waited.

Michael and I never took engagement photos, so after dinner, we decided it was the perfect time to do so.

Unfortunately, the next day it rained... and rained and rained.

So we had to come up with indoor activities to keep ourselves busy.  Luckily, the Linenbergs are always stocked up on toys.

Michael set the house record in this game...

...but with triumph comes pain, and Michael ended up with a blistered finger.

High score on Photo Hunt!


Saturday night we headed out to meet our friend Mike, who is a writer for Saturday Night Live.  He walked us through the area where all the actors get ready, where some of them were getting makeup done and going over their lines for the show.  Then we headed to the writer's room to watch the show with him.  He was telling us that Tina Fey based the writer's room on "30 Rock" on the SNL writer's room.  Here's the door to his shared office:

Mike and Jason- kinda fancy, huh?  Mike had to go down at one point because he was an extra in one of the sketches, then he came back to get us to take us into the show.  First thing I realize is how much smaller the stages are than they look on tv.  Like, half the size that I thought they would be.  Jude Law was the host and once they came back from commercial, he announced Pearl Jam.  We stayed there with Mike to watch them, which was very, very cool. 

After the show, he took us on a tour of the stages and through the hallways with all the photos of past casts and hosts.  Then we headed to the after party with him, which was quite the star-studded event.  I don't want to push my luck here with Mike by listing everyone that was there because I don't know the rules but I will say that Eric declared it to be an A-list event.  Instead of posting pictures of famous people, why don't you just enjoy this instead:

Thanks Mike!  It was a short, but super fun weekend.  C & E, thanks for letting us crash.  Your keys are in the mail.  Hopefully the next time we visit it won't be during the damn storm of the century.


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