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Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Hangover

I was kinda looking forward to the Oscars last night because so many "changes" had been promised in order to make it a more enjoyable show. While I was happy we didn't have to sit through 3 lifetime achievment awards (since they did them off-campus this year), I didn't understand the addition of the dance montage. Ok, so we cut out all the singing to save time only to replace it with So You Think You Can Dance? No thanks. And what was the deal with the weird horror movie montage?  Alec & Steve were funny enough, Natasha Richardson won the death applause-o-meter, and Sandra Bullock now has an Oscar, joining the brilliantly talented Cuba Gooding Jr, Nicolas Cage, and Julia Roberts as people who have Oscars.  Oh, and in case you were wondering where Charlize Theron's boobs are, she was there to help you out.

By the way, she also has an Oscar.  I won't go on about the fashion, because Michael did an eloquent job already here.  I guess overall it was entertaining enough.  I am not convinced that 10 best picture nominees are the way to go, especially when some real clunkers were able to make the list, but mostly because we saw 7 of them and it makes me mad that, had there only been 5, we'd have seen them all.  Then again, it would probably just mean that I'd have to cringe my way through "Precious" and I'm just not interested.  The biggest surprise of the night came when we found out that my dad, after about 20 years of trying, finally won our Oscar pool.  I suppose a "congrats" is in order.  In other news, we fattened ourselves up nicely with dinner:

French Onion Soup

What the camera phone didn't pick up was that this wine was on fire...

...which was part of the preparation for our braised short ribs.

Creme brulee (torch courtesy of Crissy, thank you).

16 out of 24.  Poor showing for me.

Michael's reaction to Bullock's win.

Your check is in the mail, Dad.



  1. Precious is amazing. You must watch it. No cringing necessary.

  2. The only thing I watched was the red carpet. This is mostly due to the fact that Steve Martin was hosting and he looks like my father in law and it creeps me out.

    I don't think that I can watch Precious either.