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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Overdue Welcome

I never really addressed the existence of my new blog.  I'm sure you were all totally confused since it looks so completely different from the old one.  Why "Shut Up Duffy"?  I didn't want my last name to be on here anymore so I went with my alter ego, Duffy.  For some of you, I'm probably only adding to the confusion so here's the deal.  The day I met Michael was New Years Eve , 2003, in Los Angeles.  That really has nothing to do with this story.  I walked into a room full of mostly strangers, Michael being one.  I introduced myself as Rebecca, since that is my name.  Michael found this name incredibly hard to remember.  Perhaps it was all the games of Whiskydix he'd been playing, but it just wasn't sticking so he went with the oh-so-easy to remember name, Duffy.  And somehow, this actually stuck.  I'm still Duffy to a handful of people and even get introduced as such.  So there you have it.

Speaking of Michael, I have never met anyone who likes candy as much as my husband.  Yes, I know that I have a few friends that think they hold that record, but they're wrong.  If we go to the movies, we first have to stop at Walgreens so he can buy 3 jumbo bags of candy.  When I pick him up after work, there's a 7-11 that has to be hit up daily.  He recently discovered a new favorite, Kazoozles.  Yesterday I picked him up from work and he had 2 packages. 

At least he's moved on from the candy Ali bought him once, these candy in a tube things:

It really hits it's peak when Eric comes in town, because it almost becomes a candy-eating competition and we're usually left with a candy drawer full of the leftovers.  Who actually buys these dot things?

I'll tell you who- the Eric/Michael candy eating team.  Moving on, good "Lost" last night and good JC dinner- Marinated Pork Casserole Roast.  Although in my case, Marinated Pork Dutch Oven Roast.

I know, I'm about done with the yellowish soft focus pictures, too, so don't hate.



  1. So thanks for forcing me to rename and revamp my blog. I may change the template daily to anger you.

    How are you going to get mad at me about ridic fonts when you don't mad at M for his tiny font about clown college?

    Did you consider that Blade and others will still be able to read your blog since you provided a link for it on your old one?

  2. How in the heck are you blaming me??? I never said one thing about the Hate. You were the one that brought it up and told them not to link to it. I formally dispute your comment.

    That other blog is coming down today.

    Your site takes 5 minutes to load. I'm only here to help you reach your fullest potential.

  3. i used to loooove that gross gel squirt candy. also i agree with M and his reonk fonts. if you are here for crissy, you should be there for him as well.

  4. As much as I am enjoying all the commotion, I never wanted nor asked her to change her damn site. In fact, I'm leaving up her old one in protest.

  5. You know what I (well Courtney) always says? I don't discriminate against candy. Why shouldn't Kazoozles be as good and tasty as fine Swiss chocolate? If you are discriminatory towards candies, then what's next?

  6. Eric doesn't discriminate against candy like Rat doesn't discriminate against girls. And that squirt candy is the nastiest thing I have ever seen. *shudder*

  7. Eric is the wine-o of candy. (is that how you spell wine-o?)