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Monday, March 1, 2010

Peace Out, Canada

Two note-worthy things happened in the final days of the Olympics. 

1. I discovered that I love watching curling and I can't believe that I haven't been watching CNBC instead of NBC all these years.  Although we're still shaky on the actual rules, we were completely entertained by it.  I complained earlier about the tackiness of the jean-wearing skateboarders so I won't pretend I love the pants situation here, but how can you not love shuffleboard with brooms?  Also, who knew that curling was where all the hotties were hiding?    

No, not Toby from "The Office" on the left, but the dude on the right.  Also, though not up my alley, I guarantee you this guy has a cologne ad in Norway:

2. Bob Costas said this: “Here we have the always enjoyable giant inflatable beaver.” 



  1. I like that those guys at top were sponsored by Ford. Maybe no one told them they went bankrupt.

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