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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Belated Birthday

You'd think that with all this new found time on my hands I'd have nothing to do but post, but now that I'm without job, I am barely on the computer trying to find something to do other than work.  Anyway, I had a super fun birthday this year.  It was preceeded by a dinner a bunch of us went to in order to say goodbye to our friend, Bill, who has gone and moved to China.

Bill is the one on the left.  You probably noticed he is not Chinese.

Proof that we were there.

Molly and I made him a fun word search for the plane ride. 

The next day, two of my favorite people threw me an impromptu birthday/last day of work happy hour, but first, Michael had to help some dude move a couch.

And back to the party:

Ali got me a bunch of balloons...

...and made sure that Michael didn't feel left out.

The next day was my actual birthday and it was filled with champagne,

pretty presents,

and dinner at my favorite restaurant in Chicago, Terragusto.  What's that?  I'm not getting angry comments for my photos anymore?  That's right- I now have a grown up camera!  No more of this, just lots of this:


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  1. I figured I should comment seeing as you have thousands of readers and everyone's too shy to say something. There you go. Happy birthday.