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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Honesty Is The Best Policy

I'm taking a break from the Julia Child meals and trying some new stuff.  Last night I opened my favorite cookbook that I've never used to make Rosemary Crusted Steak with a Creole Mustard Sauce.  Sounds simple enough, except that it was quite the multiple-step process, involving 2 sauces and a crust I had to make with the food processor (anytime I get that thing out, I mean business).  The cookbook is gorgeous and it's from my favorite restaurant in Austin, Hudson's on the Bend.  The reasons I have never used it are 1. most recipes are too complicated for a weeknight meal and 2. most of the recipes involve things like elk, carribou, pheasant, and so on.  The restaurant is all about game (obvs) and I just don't have that kind of access.  Anyway, the dinner came out fantastic (the sauce is purple-ish because there's red wine involved): 

I wish I could say the same thing for my Monday night dinner.  Michael came home earlier than usual so I was kind of rushing and totally oversalted the pasta.  The chicken?  Man, I don't know but it was rubbery and we both got nervous and spit it out.  It was fully cooked but something was just not right with it.  So my sweet husband, keeping in mind those wedding vows, reminded me that honesty is always the best policy:
They can't all be winners.



  1. that steak looks like south america. i guess the potatoes can be antartica.

  2. actually, the steak can also be africa. but no one like africa so it will be south america.

  3. I am loving the kitchen chalkboard! I have a magnetic weekly calendar thing that I write my meals on, then we got a new fridge and it doesn't stick. It's not the same when it's not posted up somewhere. Y'all eat like kings!