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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary To Us



  1. Loves it.
    Happy anniversary, Krautners!!!!

  2. Yeah, let me thank you again for having an outside wedding on a 100 degree Texas afternoon...and inviting Kim who later tackled me in the parking lot and skinned my knee...and for the bounty placed on my head that the entire family finds amusing. Good times!

  3. You forgot to thank me for providing you with 100 free beers that you later projectiled into a car full of our friends. For that, you are welcome (Byard bow).

  4. I hope you guys had a nice anniversary dinner and have fun on your romantic weekend! Your wedding weekend was so much fun, the highlights for me were lots of queso and the panzanella salad at your reception...oh and Pluckers too, man, I forgot about Pluckers - sooo good!