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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lifetime Movie Network Update

Seriously, this channel is amazing.  I recently recorded this scene from "Her Desperate Choice" on LMN.  To set it up (not that it's really needed), these two jamokes are on their first date and are getting to know each other.

I'm sure you will all have your favorite parts but here are a few of mine:
1. "What's your favorite color?"  The universal question for a man trying to figure out if he can possibly have a future with a woman.
2. Corky Sherwood's stupid hat.
3. Corky's favorite season is Spring, he assumes it is because of the bees.  Her second favorite is summer because of the hurricanes.
4. Her absolute astonishment when he asks, "What do you think my favorite season is?".  How in the world did he come up with that question at the same time she was thinking it?
5. His reaction to Corky saying she thinks he likes baseball.
6. He says, "I think you're going to pass this test".  No, this is not a movie about them doing a greencard marriage.  I watched this entire movie (don't judge) and the "test" reference is not about anything.

When can we get these two on Inside the Actor's Studio



  1. Hold up, I've been busy with this kid lately and I'm behind--
    1. Corky Sherwood.
    2. She's wearing Blossom's hat.
    3. I still haven't washed my face or brushed my teeth today, just sayin'.
    4. My blog is gone (B) (B) no idea.
    5. You're a lie about reading all those books. Oh wait, I just realized that you did not mean all at the same time (B) ok.

  2. one of my favorite parts of it all was in the middle when you start laughing (and trying to hold it in) and your camera starts shaking. (r)

  3. What is the "desperate choice" exactly? Inquiring minds are DYING to know...