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Monday, May 17, 2010

Neighborhood Businesses

We live on a fairly busy street in Chicago and one of the bonuses is that there are lots of shops, bars, and restaurants at our fingertips.  Not all of them are winners.  Here are three stellar examples:

1. The Village Cutting Room
It's not so much the actual place that I have a problem with, it's their signage.  While you might think that they are just giving away facials for free, look closer.  Waaaaaay closer.  In fact, you have to stand right under the sign to realize that what it acutally says is "Free eyebrow treatment with facial".  For the record, their facials are $115.00 and an eyebrow wax is $15.00. 

2. Jazze Junque
Oh, Jazze Junque, where to begin?  Shall I first note that all you sell are cookie jars and are still managing to pay the rental prices in Chicago?  Perhaps I could mention that prices start at "2 bucks" but just in case people can't afford that, you are offering layaway?  Or that a few months ago, you put up a sign that read "$1.00 entry fee"?  Luckily, I was one of the people that managed to get into the store before they started charging an entry fee.  It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon and the owner of the store was watching "Rosemary's Baby".  We didn't stay long because of the creepfest but mostly because all they sell are cookie jars.

3. Junque

The pics aren't that great because I had to pull off some hefty undercover work to take them without the owner seeing me.  How about how this name is almost the same as my number two pick?  Solid idea.  I also like the sign on the front door that looks like a deranged Mr. Magoo.  You can kind of see the product he's selling in the window.  Now that I think about it, Junque is probably the perfect name.

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