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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anniversary/ Memorial Weekend Part One: The Dells

For the long weekend and to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, we headed out on a Wisconsin Odyssey. I'm going to break this up into parts because, frankly, we did more last weekend than we did all month. Before I even get to our first destination, let's talk about the car ride there. It was a four hour drive from our home to the hotel. We were excited to get on the road at 3:15pm although we hit a ton of traffic. We were still thinking we'd get there around 8:00pm, assuming the traffic would let up. I remember thinking how lucky we were that we were leaving town, not going the other way because the traffic was even worse on the other side. After 1 1/2 hours of sitting in traffic, we were finally outside of the Chicago vicinity, and faced nothing but open roads. Just then, at 4:45pm, Michael says the following seven words: "Oh my God, where is my wallet?". This was followed by an extremely sweet and pleasant exchange of words and a full search of the car, only to come up empty handed. "Michael, you're driving". Back home to get his wallet, at 5:00pm (rush hour) in even worse traffic than before, then back on the road. Remember when we left at 3:15pm? Well at around 7:00pm, we were passing the same spot where he realized he'd forgotten his wallet. It was around this time that we began speaking again.  Back on good terms, we decided we deserved a fancy dinner so obviously we pulled over at the nearest Fuddruckers.

We started out in the most romantic of all places- the Wisconsin Dells, the "Waterpark Capital of America".  For those of you that heard all my stories about a certain beloved former co-worker of mine, this is the type of place you would expect to run into her.  We got in late on Thursday night so we limited our Dells nightlife experience to one swig at Nig's bar (for reals), and on Friday, we woke up bright and early and went to the obvious choice for breakfast when you're married to a guy like Michael:

Unfortunately, we didn't have these outfits on hand:

What could be better after a big hearty meal than to go ride some coasters?  Well that's what we did.  The Dells is loaded with theme parks and one of them came free with our hotel. The hotel only cost $69, but upon checkout we realized that this did not include a made up "resort fee" of $5. When we asked what this "resort fee" paid for, we learned that it included use of the internet, workout facility and game room (we didn't have the option to not pay the resort fee and decline these services, and after much conversation we learned that a "resort fee" is one and the same with the "hotel cost"). Anyway, you can't argue with $75 for a hotel of such high class, and 2 tickets to Mt. Olympus, a park worthy of Zeus and company.

You know how when you go to these places you always have to park like 2 miles away?  Well when we pulled up and saw about 15 cars there, we were instantly worried that we were getting a Wally World pulled on us.

Turns out it was not closed for two weeks to clean and repair America's favorite family fun park, we were just two of the few eager beavers that got to the park when it opened that day.  So, onto the roller coasters:

Here's the thing about riding roller coasters with a man who is 6'6": that safety bar only comes down enough to keep him safe, leaving me with a good foot of room between me and the bar.  This leads to many white-knuckled rides for me as I can only hope and pray that the seatbelt is strong enough to keep me in.

This particular ride had only 4 working seats.  The rest were broken.  Decision?  Ride it.

What theme park is complete without some baby goats?

After some very extensive convincing, combined with the 90+ degree weather, I stepped foot into my first waterpark in over 15 years.  I could only go so far as the wave pool- baby steps.

And finally, before we left, you-know-who had to stop for some you-know-what.

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to go to either of these stupid places, but maybe next time.
An upside-down White House called "Top Secret". 
Even the Secret Service can't avoid crashing into (or down from) the Top Secret mystery spot.

At 3:00pm, after a brief stint in the uber lame downtown, we finally said goodbye to the Dells.

Next up: Madison

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  1. That video looked like it was a super lame coaster