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Friday, June 4, 2010

Anniversary/ Memorial Weekend Part Three: Lake Geneva

We hop in the car and head to Lake Geneva for the last two nights of the trip. Obviously, when we passed a huge sign for "Brat Fest 2010" on the way, we pulled right over. You know that scene in "The Wizard of Oz" when Dorothy walks into Oz for the first time and everything is beautiful and in color? That could easily be compared to the two sides of Brat Fest.

Kansas: Where all these people were surrounded by smoke, standing over hot grills making the brats, in 95 degree heat with nothing but sand and dirt on the ground.

 Oz: Where it's green grass, bright colors everywhere, and kids with ice cream cones.

 We chose to stay on the Oz side of things and ride the Typhoon.  It was pretty rough and we almost lost our brats.  It cost us nine bucks to ride this thing, by the way.  Still not sure how we let that happen.

We get to our hotel and lucky us, our room was next door to the ladies!

Not exactly the same as our Madison hotel balcony.

Ok, so here comes the strangest part of our trip.  The place below is called Baker House.  We can see it from our balcony and the garden is so inviting and the sign says lounge-restaurant-hotel.  We were dressed like slobs so we walked over to find out if we came back the next night, could we get in and what the dress code was (because it definitely wasn't what we were wearing).

We were told by the hostess, "I'm sorry but we don't open until Monday (it was currently Saturday), but I'll be right back."  Hostess goes away.  Some dude in a suit sees us, asks us if we can be helped.  We said that the hostess was with us but went to check on something.  Dude in suit says "Oh!  Well let's get you a tour!"  We are confused (this will be a recurring theme for the evening).  Hostess comes back and dude in suit says to her, "Let's get these fine people a tour!"  At this point we both want to just run out the door because we are very obviously underdressed and they are treating us like we belong there and we don't want to get busted. 

Hostess gives us a full tour of each room (which is very cool- it's a 1920's theme, both the rooms and the people working there) and says a few times "Unfortunately, we aren't open for dinner until Monday", although there are clearly a few tables of people eating.  Tour ends and she says, "Would you like to sit here?".  Michael and I exchange confused glances but before we have a chance to answer she says, "All of the food will be complimentary."  We sit, she hands us menus, and asks if we want anything to drink or if we'd like to order at the bar.  Michael heads to the bar and orders wine, to which the bartender replies, "Sorry, we're not open until Monday" (again, other people are at the bar drinking).  Michael says, "Oh, my waitress told me I could..."  "Oh!!!  I'm sorry!  What can I get for you??" 

We nervously order the shit out of the menu thinking either this is awesome or we are total idiots and are going to owe this place 200 bucks when we're done.  The food comes and keeps coming.  It's small plates so food was being brought to us sporadically for about an hour, as the wine continued to flow (and flow and flow). 
Then the owner comes over and sits with us, talks to us about everything they are going to do with the place, what we think, etc.  I keep thinking, we are totally busted.  She is going to talk to her husband and they are going to realize neither of them know us.  I lean over to the table next to us, "Psst!  Are yall friends of the owners?"  "No!  We just walked in, they sat us down, and started bringing us free food and drinks!"  Ok, so it's not just us.  Apparently they were just working out the kinks before the grand opening, but usually when restaurants do that they (A) only invite friends and family or (B) still charge for the food and drinks.  There's no grand reveal at the end of this story.  We basically finished our meal and were thanked for coming.  We stopped at the bar for a couple more free drinks and headed out (feeling like we should sprint back to our hotel room before they come chasing after us).

The next morning we actually paid for our breakfast like a couple of chumps at the Egg Harbor Cafe.
I want these mugs.

Margs by the pool.

A Michael's Burger for dinner (that joke only works if you can read it on the menu, so just in case: Char-grilled with cheese on a toasted Krispy Kreme doughnut as a bun).

Basically after our free meal, there's nothing that we did that I can top it with, so I'm signing off.  Oh, Michael did realize that he forgot his wallet in Lake Geneva about half-way home... just kidding.

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