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Friday, June 4, 2010

Anniversary/ Memorial Weekend Part Two: Madison

We'd never been to Madison before but we liked it instantly.  First of all, it's sandwiched between two lakes which I loved.  It's also the state capital and home to the school with the cutest mascot (seriously, that guy is sharp), but although it's got a lot going on, it still feels very college town-ish (larger than Ann Arbor, smaller than Austin, to give you an idea).  

Anyway, we arrived late that afternoon and checked into our hotel splurge for the night.  We usually go dirt cheap on hotels but we decided to treat ourselves and man oh man I never wanted to leave.  They keep the front door locked at all times, so when you ring the bell, there's always someone there to greet you and welcome you home.  It was so stinking' cute, reminding me of the Dragonfly Inn from Gilmore Girls.  Let's look at some pictures, shall we?

Staircase leading up to our room.

The room was full of these gorgeous floor to ceiling windows.

See that bookshelf on the left?

This guy over here?

Secret passageway...

...the bathroom of my dreams (heated floors and all).

There was also a sitting room with window-doors that opened to...

...our private balcony!

Pocket bulge aside, I thought this was cute.

Time for champagne!

That's what you get for driving around with champagne in your car for 2 days.

Alright, so once we were done gawking at our room we headed out to Main Street, which is filled with shops, bars, and restaurants.  We ended up at one of my new favorite spots ever: Union Terrace.  It was perfect out, so it was packed, but we luckily snagged a table.  It's right on the lake and there was live music and pitchers of beer.  What more can a girl ask for? 



Next up we headed to State Street Brats for some boots (ok, just one) and brats (ok, fine, I had two).

They had this huge condiment bar that included lots of different sauces.

Here's where our love of Madison came to a screeching halt.  It was 9pm and we decided to just grab a bottle of wine and head back to the hotel balcony (why waste a fabulous hotel room?).  At 9:05pm we walk into a liquor store and we get the news:  You can't buy booze after 9pm in Madison.  Not just at that particular store, but in the entire city of Madison.  Thinking back to my college days, I do not understand how these poor children survived.  Nevertheless, we were ready to get back so we enjoyed some wine at our super cute hotel bar (ok, it was a bit like the bar in The Shining only less terrifying).  Finally, back to our room to find this left for us:

(Have I used the word "cute" in this post yet?)

Breakfast on the balcony.

Quick trip to the huge farmers market downtown...

...where we picked up two different cheeses, jerky, and a local favorite- spicy cheese bread.
And that's it for Madison!  It's great that it's less than three hours away because we're excited to go back again.

Next up: Lake Geneva

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