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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Artisan Ballroom at Barr Mansion

I just found out that at 4:00 this morning lightning struck the ballroom at Barr Mansion and it's all but gone.  This is the place where we had our wedding reception, just steps away from where the ceremony was held.  The ballroom was originally a barn that dates back to 1770.  It was later disassembled and transplanted from New York to Austin.  It was eventually reassembled on the Barr Mansion property using additional recycled wood, a thatched roof, and cedar trees used as posts.  The McAfee family built it (one of the daughters, Abby, was our wedding coordinator) and while we were there for our tasting, we met them and they couldn't have been nicer or more proud of what they had done.  I picked that location for our wedding almost solely based on how much I loved that ballroom and I am sad not only for selfish reasons, but so sad for all of the brides that were supposed to have their dream wedding there.

Me at the ballroom, minutes after signing the paperwork.

Pictures of the ballroom from our wedding.

(I loved those huge doors above)
Pictures of the ballroom after the fire.


  1. so sad! one of our good friends is supposed to get married there in February! i guess not anymore...

  2. :( BH almost killed me there. RIP.

  3. I actually talked to Abby today and they are already working on it. She said they expect to have it rebuilt by the end of summer so your friend should be safe!

  4. Oh my gosh! I can't believe that. I never even heard and I live here.