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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2 Fast! 2 Furious!

To steal from one of my absolute favorite movies, this kiddo is growing at a Fast and Furious pace (or maybe it's all the ice cream I've been eating).  

Let's have a look-see inside and check out what's going on, shall we?

I know it looks like Skeletor right now, so we're hoping some more time in the oven will help cuten it up a bit.  Also, this is awesome:
Babies R Us is the worst parking lot in the world, so the preferred parking is a good enough reason as any to get pregnant... although, if you weren't pregnant, then I guess you wouldn't have any need to fight for a parking space at Babies R Us.  Either way.


  1. you are the WORST! evan always wanted to park at those expectant mothers, but i always refused to. how many weeks is turkducken?

  2. Thank you, thank you. I think someone is having a little bit of not taking advantage regret? Maybe? Now Michael gets mad when we pull in somewhere w/out those spots (Office Depot, grocery store... "Where is the damn stork parking?") Those ultrasounds were 20 weeks but now it's 21 1/2 weeks.

  3. Evan felt the same way Michael does. I, on the other hand, have scruples. Also, I liked to walk past the big fatties huffing and puffing and bounce by in my workout gear looking cute and sucking in Carson. If anything, I was a show off.

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