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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Candy Monster Strikes Again

I have referenced numerous times (most notably, here and here) my husband's love for candy along with Eric's encouragement of the candy lovin'.  We were in Ann Arbor this past weekend and within minutes of greeting him, Eric presented Michael with this:

Hi-Chew Asian Candies that Eric had shipped to Ann Arbor.  They come in all sorts of weird flavors, but with the help of Google, I was able to figure some of them out:
 Top to bottom:
Strawberry Mochi (I thought this was a made-up flavor until I googled it and found that it is not only real, but it's something I want)
Lemon Soda
White Soda

Top to bottom:
Canned Peaches
Aloe Yogurt
Mystery Fruit.  Is it House flavored?  Does it taste of a wooden arrow?  Do you hear bells when you eat it?

While we're on the subject of candy, here's how we recently passed the time with a package of Lemon Drops:

I am fairly sure that the final count was 31 Lemon Drops and I am completely sure that I am a proud wife.

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