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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Never-Ending Pasta Bowl

When the Olive Garden created the "never-ending pasta bowl", they made one fatal mistake:  they didn't take pregnant women into consideration.  Ever since they started running the NEPB (never-ending pasta bowl) ads on tv, I have been craving.  Speaking of those ads, how about the guy that has been to Olive Garden so many times that he "doesn't need to see the menu", but has never heard of the NEPB?  I call shenanigans.  We have been heading out to the suburbs a lot lately because that is where the closest Babies R Us is to us... oh wait, wrong!  After a handful of times driving out to the burbs in traffic, we were informed that there is one closer to us.  So close that we could walk to it.  We are idiots.  

So anyway, us idiots find ourselves out in the burbs once again and head to the nearest Olive Garden.  First, Michael was offered a free tasting glass of wine, so the trip had basically already paid for itself.  We both ordered the NEPB which also comes with those wonderful breadsticks and salad.  I want to point out here that I had a small breakfast earlier and Michael had eaten nothing yet.  Ok, so we gorge ourselves on the breadsticks and salad and order our first pasta bowls.  Finished, no problem.  We order our round two pasta bowls.  I now say (probably not with as much embarassment as I should be feeling) that what happened next has never happened before: I out-ate Michael.  I (semi-)proudly finished my bowl while he couldn't make a dent in his.  Two full bowls of pasta.  After breadsticks.  And salad.  And breakfast that Michael didn't have.

Then I snuck a breadstick into my purse.

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