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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Old Folks In Ann Arbor

I have come to a realization:  I am no longer in my 20s.  Yes, it has taken me awhile to come to terms with this but it is official.  I can no longer hang (and, to be fair, neither can most of my friends).  Weekends in Ann Arbor used to be filled with all kinds of late-night shenanigans but, aside from the few remaining soldiers who carry on, those days are behind us (oh, 100oz beer boot, how I miss you).  Of course, it doesn't help that I am pregnant and my evenings start winding down around 10pm, but I wasn't the only early bird.  We are all slowly learning that one late night out pretty much kills the rest of the weekend and, as one of the guys and I were discussing, there is no more pre-partying.  If you are pre-partying, you aren't going out.  Kinda depressing but on the flip side, nice to know we are still able to enjoy each other's company in the day time as well.  Furthermore, it turns out that the shenanigans just moved from 2am to a more adult-friendly early evening.  But I digress.  Let's get on with the weekend.

On our drive in, we stopped at Grandpa's Cider Mill for some... well... cider.  Strangely enough, before you reach the entrance, you have to fight off some dinosaur statues.

Delivering the final blow:

Inside, they have a super cute "cider tasting bar" that had about 30 different flavors, including everything from caramel to lime to banana.  Our favorite was the peanut butter flavored cider, so we picked up a half gallon of that along with some freshly baked cherry pie and we were on our way.

Saturday morning we walked around campus for a bit, then headed to the tailgate (consider this my 23 week belly update).

Turns out, our baby loves doing keg stands!

Unfortunately, it was not Michigan's day (although quite a good day for Texas).  After the game, we headed back for some post-game tailgating, which was when Eric went off in search of a plastic cup but instead came back with a tv (and remote control!!!).  Did you know that if you plug a tv into the ground, it won't turn on?

As we were packing up, we realized that we had way more stuff and way less cars than we started out with.

Late night (ahem, 9pm) dinner at Blimpy Burger and this pregnant lady is ready for bed.

Sunday we wrapped things up with another walk around campus and lunch at Maize and Blue.  Better luck next time, Wolverines.

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