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Friday, October 22, 2010

Therapy Session

Last night a few of us went back to Fizz Bar & Grill to defend our honor in team trivia.  I'll tell you, it wasn't looking good for awhile.  There were some missteps (while Slovenia, France, and Austria do border Italy, Croatia does not, fyi) and a rookie mistake in the double points round:  Who was the victim of the first televised murder?  Well, we put Jack Ruby with no doubt in our minds.  Here's a team trivia tip: don't ever think you know the answer and turn your sheet in without further discussion.  Had we talked about it, we would have realized our stupid mistake, which was that Jack Ruby was the killer and Lee Harvey Oswalt was the victim.  But let me say, folks, that this story not only has one, but three happy endings so don't fret.

Lucky for us, the final round allows you to bet up to 15 points, which we did and not only got it right, but we were the only ones to get it right, which means.... Therapists win!  So there's happy ending numero uno.  Numero dos is that the first place prize is no longer a gift card to Fizz, it's fifty buckaroos.  Numero tres is that we were approached by some casting agent and asked if we were interested in being considered for a new tv show called "My Kind of Town" in which locals recommend places.  In order to be considered, we had to fill out a trivia questionnaire (to further prove our intelligence) so not only were we busy winning team trivia, we were pulling double trivia duty.  

This story ends with said casting agent being impressed with us answering all questions right as well as my current pregnancy (his words were, "we love the pregnancy angle!") so we gave him our contact info, took a group photo, and went home $50 bucks richer (well, $12.50 each, but still...).  Go Team Therapists!

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