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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby Loot

The first few gifts for our little nugget have started arriving lately and before it gets lost in the mix, I want to pause and recognize my sister, who (after I told her not to send us anything because I was not even out of the pregnancy closet yet) was the very first to send us a baby gift.  Although it pains me to acknowledge what is going on with our current football situation, the box of loot she sent was super cute and such a fun package to get so early on.  
Luckily, there was no "Gilbert" jersey in the mix.

By the way, my mom and sister threw me an amazing shower which I'll recap when I'm back in Chicago since I have to wait until then to upload the pictures.  On another note, we are going Christmas tree shopping today and it is humid and 85 degrees.  That is not right.

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