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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Treats

Since Starbucks has gone ahead and switched over to the festive red holiday cups and our local easy listening radio station is constantly threatening to "turn on the lite" any day now (as in, they turn on the holiday lights on the lite station and start playing Christmas music 24 hours a day), it seems that my days of pumpkin-product searching are coming to an end.  I therefore bring you my list of local fall flavor hits and misses.

Edy's pumpkin ice cream
This ranks pretty high on the delicious scale.  It's especially good with a sprinkling of cinnamon or chocolate syrup.

Chipotle pumpkin salsa
Eh.  It tasted like regular salsa to me, with no pumpkin flavors that I could pick out.

Pumpkin Spice Latte
I tried this drink at Starbucks, Bigby's, and Julius Meinl and my surprise favorite was actually at Bigby's in Ann Arbor.  It was the least sweet of the three and there was no mix sitting at the bottom of the cup (ahem, Starbucks).  

Pecan pie concrete at Scooters
This is the concrete of the month at Scooters, our local frozen custard shop and it was really good.  It's a mix of vanilla custard with caramel, roasted and salted pecans, and graham cracker pie crust.  It is rare that I stray from my old standby (chocolate with peanut butter), but this is a new favorite.

Pumpkin pecan ginger pancakes at Orange
(photo from
I'm not usually into sweet breakfast foods (or any breakfast foods for that matter) but this was pretty good.  It was two buttermilk pumpkin pancakes with a cinnamony pecan paste in between them, topped with ginger whipped cream and pecan syrup.  A little bit of a sweetness overload, but still pretty yummy.

Cider Mill Donuts
Yes, fine, you are seeing this correctly- that is ice cream with a side of donut.  So???  I'm pregnant, give me a break.  Here's the deal with cider mill donuts.  I want to love them and I want to love cider and the mills and all that, but I just don't.  That is a part of the midwestern life that I don't think I'll ever be able to take on.  Cider is too sweet for me and the donuts just aren't my kind of donuts (I still miss me some Shipley's in Houston).  And good night with all the bees that swarm around you at those places!  

So that's it.  I now have to eagerly anticipate the arrival of all things gingerbread since there really are no good Thanksgiving transition foods to tide me over.  And turn on the lite already!

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