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Monday, December 20, 2010

32 Weeks

Anyone sick of me talking about Christmas?  How about how pregnant I am?  Well then go read another blog because I've got a week's worth of Christmas posts left in me and there's another eight or so weeks of watching me get bigger.  

As of Saturday, we are with family for eleven straight days, so Friday night we went on a date night before we lost all sense of privacy.  First was a delicious candlelight dinner at Tango Sur, then we headed to the Music Box to watch "It's a Wonderful Life".  But first, they made us all sing stupid Christmas carols (it's not that I hate Christmas music, I just don't want to sing Jingle Bells in a room full of strangers).  

Dessert and coffee at Sensational Bites.
Boston Cream Pie & Raspberry Chocolate Truffle cupcakes.

32 weeks.  



  1. I ranked this as "eh." Can we please see your emergency bus route in case your water breaks and your car is either stolen, or set on fire by bums to keep warm. Please advise.

  2. I'll be honest, as soon as I posted I knew it was a half-ass post. Apologies. As soon as I'm back from Michigan, I will be in full-on baby mode and will fulfill this and any other request.