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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Number Two: Like The First, Only Louder

I know it's been quiet around here but we had quite the hectic week in Michigan and I didn't have all of the extra time I thought I'd have to check in on the old blog.  Let's start with what happened before we showed up:  my father-in-law went and blew our inheritance on pickles.  I guess they woke up and proclaimed it "pickle day" and drove to Indiana (they drove from Detroit, so it's not like they just hopped over the border) and bought an insane amount of pickles.  I want to point out that some of the cases of pickles had already been taken out of the car before this picture was taken.  It's something of a Christmas miracle that we didn't end up getting a case for Christmas and having to haul it home.    

Once again, I was really bad about taking pictures while we were there, so I'll just give you a quick recap and throw in some pics where I can.  We arrived on Thursday to a house full of happy, screaming children and barking dogs.  Quite the change from Chicago Christmas, where "quiet reading time" was on the daily program.  Friday we went with their annual Christmas eve tradition and ordered dinner from a Jewish deli (sandwich fixins and matzah ball soup), then we went to the annual Christmas Eve party that Michael's mom's side of the family throws.  This included the white elephant gift exchange (where people in the past have been known to get a good gift and sneak out the back door before it can be taken back), old home movies, and a visit from Santa.  

Saturday morning was Christmas and our nephew came in to wake us up.

It is so much fun having kids around on Christmas morning, it really makes things so much more exciting (and I can't believe we'll have our own kiddo next year!).

I like how Michael wraps gifts.

Note to self: do not give my kids markers for Christmas until they are ready.

It actually got way worse after I took this.  Her entire body was covered.
Side note: the kids were so sweet with my belly.  They would constantly rub, hug, and kiss it.  My niece would even pull at my skin and say "I want it to come out now!".

That night we went to a party with Michael's dad's side of the family, where my father-in-law's cousin was offering up the traditional Christmas cocktail: blow job shots.

I stared at this thing for about half an hour:
It's like a statue/ planter/ dripping oil lamp thing that I think I might need for the baby's room.  Seems safe enough, plus it goes along with our statue/ planter/ dripping oil lamp theme.

Our Sunday wake-up call:

Sunday afternoon we went and visited our friends Fred and Ali who recently moved to Michigan to check out their cute new digs and then went home to play with all of our new stuff (I got lots of fun stuff, including a Flip from Michael and a couple prenatal massages!).  

Monday night, my mother- and sister-in-law threw me a really fun baby shower.  A lot of men came and were sent to drink beers in the basement while us women stayed upstairs and opened gifts.

Our friend Greg came and managed to snag himself some of the infamous pickles.

Now we're back in Chicago and are taking a few days to unwind and enjoy some down time before we tackle the nursery and figure out what the heck we're supposed to between now and "go time" (and apparently figure out what the future holds for my placenta, since Michael just yelled at me from the other room "what should we do with the placenta?"). 

Here's to hoping you all had a fun holiday season and got all of the pickles your heart desired!


  1. funny you mention the placenta. There are definitely many uses for it. in some cultures, people eat it. i think it helps with infertility and malnourishment. i am also aware of some expensive face creams that are made from it. Lastly, you can also store it like walt disney's brain, for future use in alleviating/curing disease. so many options... :)

    Lindsay Baranowski

  2. I know, it is crazy. I had been reading about a girl who dehydrated it and put it into pill form, which is why it got brought up in the first place.