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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmasyness in Chicago

It has been snowing a ton here lately and the past two weekends have found us breaking in new snow boots while running around town getting our Christmas on.  Two weekends ago, we went to Branch 27 for a going-away party for Fred & Ali.

The next day, we went to Lincoln Square to check out their Christkindl Christmas Market.  It was really snowy that day but it was cute because there were carolers, ice carvers, and tents full of people selling German crafts, German food, and a choir.  We bought some potato pancakes, goulash, and hot chocolate, grabbed a couple seats, and kept ourselves warm and dry in the tent.

This past weekend my father-in-law, sister-in-law, and her two kids came in town.  Every December, the CTA decks out one of the el trains for the holiday.  We saw that it would be coming to our train stop at 5:45pm on Friday, so the first thing we did was bundle the kids up and booked it to the train.  There were lots of kids waiting around for the train to show up and when it finally did, everyone went nuts.  On the train, it was playing Christmas music (which everyone was singing along to) and elves gave us candy canes.  It was the nicest smelling public transit car ever.

Saturday, it warmed up to a whopping 36 degrees and rained all day so we took the kids to the Notebaert Nature Center, which they loved.  Then we came home and decorated Christmas cookies.

After a couple close calls that involved icing dye and our new couch, I plopped the kids in the tub for a bubble bath.  Then they watched "Mr. Grinch" for the fifth time.  Being pregnant and entertaining kids is exhausting.  Just as exhausting as it has become to tie my shoes (and walk up a flight of stairs, and water the Christmas tree...).

Finally, Sunday night we had our third annual Terragusto Christmas dinner with Fred & Ali.  They came over beforehand for some Christmas cocktails.

Another fantastic meal at Terragusto and the season finale of Dexter.  I think we gave them a nice little send-off on their move to Michigan.  We're going to miss y'all tons.

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  1. I love the photo of you lounging in the chair...very cute! Sounds pretty exhausting but looks like a lot of fun.