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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Please Forward All My Mail To Anthropologie, I'm Moving In

Anthro is giving Starbucks a serious run for it's money in the holiday spirit department.  I stopped in today for a few last minute gifts and was greeted by five people wishing me happy holidays and directing me to their free coffee/juice/cookie setup.  I am not admitting to taking coffee and a cookie and then stashing one or two in my pocket for the road like I'm some sort of hobo.  No, I am not admitting that at all.

Christmas spirit aside, is there any better store than Anthropologie?  The wood floors, the beautiful clothes, the pretty aprons.  I'm pretty sure I also need one of everything from their kitchen department.  I don't know another store that has me convinced that I need to replace all the cabinet knobs in our house or that I should stop bathing until I own their French soap collection.   And by the way, the sign says "please help yourself to holiday treats", plural, not "treat" singular.  Not that I'm admitting to anything.  

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