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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Silver AND Gold... and Red

Alright, I know I took some heat for my boring mantle post as well as my claim that it was a silver and gold themed mantle, so I did a little updating.  There is now clearly gold involved and this time I only included a couple photos so I get less hate mail this time around.

I added gold candles...

...and hung gold ball ornaments from the top of the mirror.

Then I spruced up the table because it was looking a little sad...

...and used more of the gold balls to create napkin holders.

So that's it.  I promise no more mantle photos (Christmas ones, at least).

Onto the red.  I thought I should give our nutcrackers a little bit more attention since they are ridiculous and deserve mention.  What i call "nutcrackers", Michael calls "the Communists" since so many of them are dressed in red and look like these guys:


This guy's hat broke off.  

Things are a little worse for this one.

The drag queen is quite popular with the other nutcracker communists.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha! Funny nutcrackers. Crack me up. Happy holidays!