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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving (Road) Trip, Austin

The final leg of the trip found us in Austin, Texas where we, again, ate our way through town.  First, we checked ourselves into our hotel, which had a happy hour with a panoramic view of the city.  Unfortunately, this photo was the best I could do (but if you squint, you can see the capitol):
Our hotel also had about 1,000 kids staying there.  Their favorite activity was pulling the fire alarm every night.  It was awesome.

We decided that we would try out a different barbecue restaurant than our usual pick (Salt Lick) and headed out to The County Line.

It's a really fun place with a great atmosphere and an incredible view of the city.  The place is filled with knick knacks and Christmas lights and, like most bbq restaurants in the south, lined with long wooden tables.  Michael said that it looked exactly like what he pictured all restaurants in Texas to look like when he was growing up.  And although the food was good, we all decided it didn't hold a candle to The Salt Lick.  

Five-meat platter (they're all in there somewhere):

Saturday was the much-anticipated Michigan-Ohio State game and (lucky for me) Plucker's is the official Michigan-watching bar.  Unfortunately, the game didn't turn out as we hoped, but once again we were saved by the food.

Michael had the "fire in the hole" hot wings and the Dr. Pepper wings.
Speaking of hot food, I ordered the buffalo chicken salad (with the medium sauce- I know, I went a little crazy) and after eight huge glasses of water and some sweating, I got super nervous and started Googling "can spicy food send me into labor?".  For the record, the answer is yes but you have to be much further along than 29 weeks for this to actually happen, not that that made me feel any more at ease.  Next time I'll just stick with the fried pickles and ranch and call it a day.

Next, I suggested we walk off the loss by climbing up to Mt. Bonnell.  It's only about 100 steps to the top, but when you add on an extra 20 pounds of baby weight, making it to the top feels like quite the accomplishment.  

You'll never guess what we did next.  Decided it was time to eat again!  Ok, fine, you probably did guess it.  A huge trend in Austin these days is the emergence of various food trucks around town (some even considered semi-fine dining, at least so says Anthony Bourdain), so we hit up several of them.  

That night my sister joined us at the Alamo Drafthouse to watch the Master Pancake Theater (an improv group) rip apart "The Blind Side".  It's basically like watching an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, only live, in a movie theater, and drinking butter beer (yes, it is currently on their menu and I made Michael order it so I could have a sip).  I wasn't sure I could sit through that movie again, but their jokes (and major editing job), made it a much more enjoyable experience this time around.

On Sunday, our final day in Austin, we mostly just played around town.  Breakfast at Maudie's, coffee at Mozart's, shopping on South Lamar, and passing the time taking pictures.

Austin, I miss you already.  
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. hey cupcake is such a must when visiting austin! every time jake and i pass one i make him stop so we can eat cupcakes. i tend to direct us on routes around town that involve passing the trailers... haha. i am oh so glad we found each other in blog world!