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Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving (Road) Trip, Houston - Shreveport

In reviewing the photos from our recent trip down south, I realized (not surprisingly) that most of this trip was centered around food.  So let's just make it known now that I am aware of this and I don't want to hear it from any of you.  Alright, with that out of the way, let's begin.

I flew down to Houston early for the baby shower and was joined by my friend Ali on day two.  Here's what happened the first morning:
My dad and sister went out for some crazy long ass run and were so sore afterwards, they got in our freezing pool to cool their muscles down.  Now, I know that most of you are thinking that it's Texas and the water can't be that cold yet, but are you really going to argue with the looks on their faces?

That morning my dad treated us to some homemade pecan waffles.  He made about 80 of them.  It was around this time that I learned that my dad is a former beekeeper (and wants to take it up again in the backyard... about 10 steps from the pool... and yes my mom is obviously thrilled about this).

Side note: I am loving my mom's new front porch decor.

Ali and I then spent the day shopping.  I have nothing interesting to share about this except that I discovered my new favorite store:

Dark chocolate covered smores:

By the way, I swear Ali was there, I guess I just chose to take pictures of food instead of the two of us.  That night my sister had some friends over and more of mine arrived in town (Meghan & Courtney) and my dad did his famous fajita night.  It was just like old times, except that I had four fajitas this time instead of two.  Sunday was the shower and that night I took Ali to Chuy's where we basically inhaled the jalapeño ranch dip (seriously, why is it so hard to find the good ranch outside of Texas?).  Monday Ali flew back to Chicago and I spent some time with my Houston girls.  Tuesday Michael flew in and we all stayed up late and decorated my parent's Christmas tree.

Wednesday morning was the big drive to Shreveport, Louisiana so obviously we had to carb-load before the journey began.  I would like to officially state that this donut from Shipley's is the absolute best donut in the entire world.  It's warm and cakey and is coated with flakes of icing and is just a mouthful of deliciousness.

We also had a bag of various kolaches from the Kolache Factory, which Michael had never had before.  For those of you that are right there with Michael, a kolache is basically dough baked with some sort of filling inside (everything from cream cheese to jalapeño and sausage to ham and cheddar... you get the idea).

Thanksgiving in Shreveport was wonderful, as usual.  Once again my Uncle Scott grilled his bacon-wrapped duck for appetizers and my Aunt Diane cooked up a delicious meal.  We also put my cousin in a cage for awhile, a new Thanksgiving tradition.

On Friday, it was time to hit the road again so we came prepared with activity books and candy/ sustenance for Michael.

To be continued...

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