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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Who Wants to See One Thousand Pictures of Our Christmas Mantle?

Ok, one thousand might be a bit of an exaggeration, but my camera isn't good enough to capture the essence (yes, essence) of our Christmas mantle so I had to take (and share) way more than necessary.  This past weekend was our first big snow and we woke up to this:

View from the back deck 

View from the front balcony

We knew our time had come.  All the decorations came out and went up.  But not before I plugged in all six of our light strands from last year and discovered that every single one had burnt out.  I expected one or two, but all six?  So off to Walgreens we went to spend a stupid amount of money on lights.  Back at the house, nice and warm, we made a pot of Christmas aroma and poured ourselves some egg nog in our Clark Griswold moose mugs to get in the mood.  Oh, and we stopped at Scooters for the last time this season (because they are idiots and close for three months in the winter) to pick up a Dandy Candy Cane concrete.  

Dandy Candy Cane concrete: peppermint concrete blended with chocolate chunks, and topped off with a shot of hot fudge and garnished with a candy cane.

I know, you're probably really, really anxious to get to all those mantle shots so without further adieu, I present our decked halls. 

Yes, I realize that this is just the same picture over and over... but this one has a fire going!

And, um, this one I took two steps to the left!

It was basically a matter of shoving silver leafy things into a cheapo garland.

Stockings that I love that were a gift from Amira.

It was meant to be a silver and gold color scheme, but Michael says it only looks silver.  Now that I'm looking at these, I hate to admit he may be right.

However, exhibit A is a post card we got in Italy in a gold frame, sitting directly behind one of six gold votives.

Oh look!  A gold candle in a gold speckled glass holder thing. 
See Michael?

We threw a bunch of nutcrackers on the library shelves.  Most of their heads have fallen off so they have become our "out of sight, out of mind" filler decorations.  Yes, I'm aware that another option would be to throw them away.

So I guess that's it for our Christmas home tour.  Turn on some Christmas music and go back and look at it all again and maybe you'll like it better the second time around.  

The Lettered Cottage



  1. Sorry, but that picture frame and that candle holder thing look just as silver in the pictures as they do in person.

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  3. i like that mike comments on your blog.

  4. Thanks for playing along AND for linking back!! I aprreciate it. Your decor looks great. So inviting!!

    I hope you play along in the weeks to come.
    Blessings, Daph

  5. Hello Daphne said, thanks for linking! Love your Griswold's cup...that is the best ever Holiday movie after all!

    I can't believe the snow! Beautiful!

    Have a great Tuesday,


  6. I hate everything about this post, especially the mantle pictures.

  7. I was gonna say that you could have saved yourself some time and just clicked "dislike" but I see you covered all your bases.

  8. I was wondering if I could vote again?

  9. I could make things easier on you and just create a "hate" button if you like.

  10. Love it! lol! Your captions crack me up!!