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Monday, January 31, 2011

Emergency Hospital Routes

Let me start off here by saying that I am currently in my 39th week of pregnancy.  What does this mean?  It basically means that I could go into labor at any minute.  This should not be a huge concern, except that we turned on the radio yesterday and heard the weather lady say the word "Snowmageddon".  

She said they are forecasting something like 24 inches of snow over the next few days.  Here are the highlights from what we can expect:
(CNN) -- Chicago is bracing for a snow storm of historic proportions that is expected to coat the Windy City and large sections of the country's midsection in a thick blanket of snow. Forecasters have issued a blizzard watch.
It could be one of the top 10 biggest snowstorms ever in the Windy City. The biggest snow storm in Chicago's history occurred from January 26-27, 1967 when 23 inches of snow fell on the city.
According to the National Weather Service, snowstorms that drop over 15 inches of snow occur once in about every 19 years. The last time this happened was in January of 1999 when 21.6 inches of snow was recorded in Chicago.

So now we actually have to think about how we are going to get to the hospital when  if our car gets stuck and we can't drive ourselves.  My friend Crissy, who lives in Texas, has been very happy at the thought of me going into labor while stuck at home concerned about how I will make it to the hospital when I go into labor at the same time the blizzard hits.  She has been keeping an eye on the weather for me like a big jerk good friend does and making some really ridiculous suggestions like having a rickshaw on standby great suggestions as to how to get me to the hospital in case of inclement weather.  In case our car does get stuck, we have a couple different options.  One, we could take the bus.  Mostly this would be so other people could go home and say that there was a lady in labor in their bus, but I'm probably not going to be all that into entertaining other people at that moment, so it's not my favorite idea.  Two, we could take a cab.  It's only a ten minute ride to the hospital but on the downside, it's pretty much impossible to catch a cab in bad weather (100% impossible if the baby decides to come on Superbowl Sunday because it's like trying to catch a cab on New Years at 1:00am).  Did I mention I am in my 39th week of labor and this could happen at any moment?  And did I mention that if it happens while Michael is at work, we'll also have to deal with how he will get home before we even begin to conquer getting to the hospital?
(38 week pic)

Last night we had another really helpful phone call from my father in law, suggesting we invest in a toboggan.

What's great about this idea is that the hospital is only 1.6 miles away, which really shouldn't be too hard for Michael to pull someone of my size in a blizzard.  Plus, I'm sure the cold weather will help me completely forget about the contractions.  

One final idea is to just hitch a ride from any one of the crazies that has decided to go out and drive around in the blizzard.  Thank goodness I kept the oven from my Halloween costume.  


  1. ugh, i wrote out this whole long comment and then it somehow got erased. succinctly, you can imagine my pleasure with everything in this post.

  2. Dear god (hmmm... does that mean you're god in this situation?), I hope that when you actually HAVE a baby and all you don't drop the blog for things that are less important such as sleep and feedings/changings/cryings. Reading it has become an integral part of my day, and I'm not ready to give it up.

  3. Doesn this mean you might name the baby "Snowmageddon Krautner" (obvi only for a boy) or possibly after your cab/bus driver??

  4. Oooh, good idea. We haven't settled on a name yet, so I'll have to keep this in mind. I always say the more vowels the better, so the cab driver suggestion would work well.

  5. This is hilarious ... I hope you make it safe and sound! My dad still lived in Chicago for that 1967 snowstorm. Given the vast number of coincidences here ... I'm pretty sure you should name your baby Jane! :)

  6. um this is my favorite blog of all time- i love the photos, the art and the verbage and content. that being said- i feel i have to share that i was born during the blizzard of '78, just about 33 years ago from this day! my dad had to elict much help to get my mom to the hospital. if it comes down to crazies and toboggans, keep in mind JM and I have 4 WD-- just in case:) bonne chance!

  7. Thanks- I'm officially obsessed with photoshop and don't know what I'm going to do when my free trial runs out. :)

  8. I'm loving the photoshopped pics..too funny. Here's hoping you don't go into labor during a major snowstorm...sounds painful (in so many ways).

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