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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knocked Up on New Years Eve

So, you'd think this would be just about the worst holiday to celebrate when you are pregnant but because my friends are awesome, you would be wrong.  About my situation at least.  Maybe you are pregnant and your NYE sucked, so I'm only speaking for myself here.  Anyway...  Our friends held their third annual NYE party at their fabulous condo and while half of our group was missing (new baby, moved to Michigan...), it was still a great time.
House all decorated (this year with flame-retardant hats)

My bar is jealous of their bar.

Amazing food spread

While everyone enjoyed their signature cocktails...

... I enjoyed mine!  Jami made me virgin cosmos so I wouldn't feel left out.

Our wonderful host and hostess

Getting married this year!

I'm not sure what is happening here but they are probably just trading shoes as that old New Years Eve tradition goes.

 Michael made sure I was taken care of at the stroke of midnight...

...Since he had other business to attend to, like getting the old NYE kazoo band back together.

His head exploded a few seconds later.

2011 brings us our 3-year wedding anniversary, our 6-year dating anniversary (which, yes, we still celebrate), three weddings of close friends (at least), better football seasons for both of us (can't get much worse), and a little bundle of fun.  January 1st was also my Grandfather's 90th birthday, so a huge happy birthday to Joe!


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