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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nursery Progress

It's official:  we can now bring home a child and provide it with a ride home, a place to sleep, and diapers to poop in.  I just want to say that I alone installed the car seat and after reading the 52-page instruction manual, was convinced I did it wrong since once it came down to it, it seemed too easy.  So I took it to the police department and got the "you are so awesome you did this perfectly what a great mom you will be" police approval.  Thank you very much.

We also got started on the nursery since our three big ticket items (dresser, crib, and chair) finally arrived, which was a huge relief for me.  Plus, I can now get to the fun part and start decorating!  Ok, so here is what the room looked like as a guest room (although the baby stuff was already starting to take over at this point):

Now that I'm looking at those pics, I'm kind of embarrassed that we really never did anything with this room.  It basically became our dumping ground for things we didn't know what to do with.  Too late now so, um, sorry previous guests.  We got everything sold and it was time to get down to business.

Totally thrilled about the task at hand.

Getting there...

Light at the end of the tunnel...


I don't know what is going on with these photos since the green seems to be a different shade in each picture, but you get the idea.

Then we moved the chair and lamp in...

I love the way this looks above the chair and hopefully it will keep the kiddo entertained during those late night feedings.  Keeps me entertained, at least.

 Dresser/ changing table is set up and ready to have a million diapers changed on it.

Next up on the agenda is to deal with this:

I also have to start hanging wall art and putting up bookshelves.  Way back when this all started, we decided to go with a children's book theme since we both love reading, so I have a bunch of book covers that need to be framed and hung and tons of books that need a shelving unit to live in.  I also have a lot of other odds and ends that I got from the book- themed shower my mom and sister threw me that need to go up around the room.  We're also going to get a rug in there and hopefully have my father-in-law install a ceiling fan.  As long as the kid stays put until called for, we should have plenty of time to get it all done.  


  1. The nursery is looking so cute, and I love that you fit the mobile in there!! Can't wait to see more pics!

  2. the nursery looks great! i love the bedding. and in your more recent post, the michigan bears cracked me up. you're going to be such a fun mom. it's almost time!!! :-)

  3. Thanks yall! It's funny b/c I was just commenting on how our master bedroom is now the weakest link in the house since all the attention has gone elsewhere. Oh well, guess that's going to be the story of my life soon enough anyway.