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Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick Change

I spent New Year's Day watching bowl games and putting together this pain in the ass:

It seemed easy enough but one hour was spent searching for a "missing" piece, which was just lodged inside one of those stupid poles and another hour consisted of me swearing at the back of this thing which has impossible to close straps.  I think it was either supposed to be a two person job or a non-pregnant one person job.  Either way, I finally got it together so on to the point.  All the pastels on this thing are a little girly for me and even more so if we have a boy.  What to do?  Well, my mother-in-law bought us a Michigan mobile but we already had one for the crib so I did a little reconstruction on the swing.


I think it'll score me some points with the hubster (since, you know, creating a human only gets you so many bonus points) plus it makes the swing more gender-neutral... although not team- neutral, so if anyone out there has a longhorn head on a string that you can donate to the cause, go ahead and send it my way.

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