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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Six Year Anniversary

Well, technically it was our six-year "dating" anniversary, but we continue to celebrate it because it gives us something to look forward to in January after all of the holidays are over.  This year we went to BonsoirĂ©e for dinner and saw "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" at Steppenwolf.  

First off, dinner was amazing.  I can't believe we are only discovering this place now.  You get there and they just say that it is an eight-course tasting menu, open your wine for you (it's byob), and start bringing courses so everything that comes is a surprise.  I didn't take any pictures so I stole a few from the internet so you can get the general idea:

Oh my gosh everything was so delicious and inventive and each plate totally different from the last.  We actually can't wait for the season to change so we can go back and enjoy a completely different experience.  

Thanks to my parents, we got tickets to see "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" for Christmas so we were able to include that in our anniversary weekend.  We have definitely had our ups and downs with Chicago theater, but this was a great experience.  Neither of us have seen the play (or movie) before and we both loved it.  The two leads are big-time Chicago theater actors so it was very cool to see them in a show like this.  I think it's running for about one more month, so if you live in Chicago, I highly recommend it. 

And finally, for posterity's sake and in honor of our "dating" anniversary, here is the very first photo that Michael and I ever took together:

This photo was taken about an hour or so after we met on New Years Eve at our friend's house in Hermosa Beach.  I am pretty sure, but not certain, that he liked me right away.


  1. I'm really glad I'm in that picture, having what appears to be a serious conversation with Courtney. Also there is a dollar in my hand.

  2. Love that you celebrate your dating anniversaries...sounds fun! And you sure do like fancy food don't you?

    Btw, should be sending you the baby package in the next week or be on the lookout!

  3. Ahhhh! So excited!!!

    And yeah, Molly, I was wondering about your situation at that moment as well. It looks more like a wad of cash to me. Maybe Court has some insight.